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Scale Steam Cleaning

Northern Scale's cost-effective steam cleaner / washing unit has the ability to keep scale machinery and weighing equipment looking new and functioning great! The washing unit has the ability to do both standard pressure washing & steam pressure washing. It also has on-board water tanks and a waste water tank if water and debris needs to removed, ensuring quick and effective clean-up of your equipment.

With this equipment our technicians are able to easily and quickly remove any debris, ice, and snow that is causing scale errors or will cause errors in the future. Our technicians know exactly where to clean, and when and when NOT to use high pressure and steam, allowing maximum cleaning without damaging any of the scale electronics. This unit will save time and money by cutting down on preventive maintenance time, hiring subcontractors and scale down time.

Be sure to add steam cleaning to your company's list of preventative maintainence routines and keep your scales working at optimal condition.

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